I’m not sure if it is the workload, weather, or life in general, it seems as though the months have just slipped away quickly and now we are facing the start of another winter season. Through conversations with some of our members over the past few months, it would seem that our industry has been relatively busy this year. Some areas of the province seem to be quite steady or a little more busy than usual, while some areas are seeing a more notable increase of demand. There are likely several contributing factors, such as real estate, contractor retirement and effects from the dry conditions last year. I think that the real estate market earlier in the year contributed to an increased demand, with many people selling in the GTA and moving to rural properties that require new wells and / or service. With an increase in demand, the lead time for new well construction has increased from previous years. Depending on the size of the company and types of work they perform, these lead times may have increased by a few weeks to a few months. One thing that seems to get forgotten in busier times is pricing. Every contractor needs to consider if their lead times have been increased to a point that their pricing needs to increase as well. We all know that it is inevitable that our materials, supplies, fuel, staff wages, and running costs will all increase over time. It is very important to consider these future cost increases when pricing future projects. The last thing you want is to have your costs exceed your invoicing, because the time frame of when the project will be completed wasn’t considered at the time of booking. Also, no one can do all the work, so there is no point in trying to acquire more than you can handle by keeping your pricing too low. With the inevitable start to the winter season comes the start of our Regional Meetings. The meetings start in Walkerton on December 12, 2017, and conclude in Ottawa along with the OGWA Convention & AGM on March 23-24, 2018. For more information check in this Source or the website. I hope to see many of you at these upcoming events. Lastly, I would like to take the time to thank Anne Gammage for the past 14 years that she has been the OGWA’s Office Manager. This position has changed a bit over the years and required different and / or new skill sets. Anne has always adapted to these changes, sometimes requiring her to learn new skills. Now it is our turn to adapt and evolve, as Anne is retiring at the end of the year. On behalf of previous Board members, past presidents, and myself, we appreciate all the efforts Anne has put forth during her time with the OGWA. On behalf of the OGWA, I would like to wish Anne the best of luck in the future. Bryan Watson President ASSOCIATION 2017-18 OFFICERS, DIRECTORS AND STAFF OFFICERS Bryan Watson, President Matt Wilson, 1st Vice-President Dwayne Graff, 2nd Vice-President Stephen Bleizeffer, Treasurer/Secretary DIRECTORS Bill Beaton Lotowater Technical Services Inc. 519-442-2086 fax: 519-442-7242 Stephen Bleizeffer Lackner McLennan Insurance Ltd. 519-579-3330 fax: 519-579-1151 Justin Clarke Maxim Environmental & Safety Inc 905-507-8412 Paul Conrad Conrad Well Drilling Ltd. 705-378-9578 Dwayne Graff Well Initiatives Ltd. 519-846-8289 fax: 519-846-8281 Michael Hare Heron Instruments Inc. 905-628-4999 fax: 905-628-6869 Bruce Hietkamp GeoKamp Limited 905-825-8007 fax: 905-825-9006 Don Hsu Morrison Environmental Limited 905-564-8944 fax: 905-564-8952   Troy Hughson Ontario Water Well Fracturing 705-641-0198 Robert Martini Canadian Pipe & Pump Supply Ltd. 416-244-6476 fax: 416- 241-2022 Kyle Smith Aardvark Drilling Inc. 519-826-9340 fax: 519-826-9108 Bryan Watson G. Hart & Sons Well Drilling Ltd. 705-887-3331 fax: 705-887-4788 Matthew D. Wilson J.B. Wilson & Son Well Drilling Ltd. 519-639-9988 fax: 519-269-3552 OGWA STAFF K.C. Craig Stainton, Executive Director 519-245-7194 Ext.103 I 519-282-0063    fax: 519-245-7196 OGWA Staff (continued) Anne Gammage, Office Manager 519-245-7194 Ext.101 fax: 519-245-7196 I ogwa@ogwa.ca Debbie Stojkovic, Accounts 519-245-7194 Ext.102 I fax: 519-245-7196 accounts@ogwa.ca PRESIDENT’S FALL/ WINTER REPORT 20 17