EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S MESSAGE 20 17 “Change” was a subject line used in 2014 over the course of a few columns in this magazine. There are bigger changes and smaller changes and frankly they are so constant we seem to rarely notice anymore. It seems we’ve accelerated in these modern times and change is all around us. I recently had to purchase a new laptop; that change was hardware, a slightly different keyboard configuration, a bit of a pain, but not that onerous. The change from Windows 7 to Windows 10 was a bit more complicated but “in for a penny, in for a pound,” as they say, and one just retrains oneself on how to do things. The National Ground Water Association (NGWA) Groundwater Week is in Nashville this year rather than Las Vegas. Hey, there is a change for me! I know the NGWA has been to Nashville before but I have not. In Vegas I know exactly where I am going, what to expect with the nuances of McCarran International Airport, what to expect generally. Not so this year as I learn Nashville International, getting around there, finding my hotel and learn the commute to the Music City Center. Change all the same, although this one can be considered a bit less of a pain and somewhat more of an adventure, perhaps even a bit exciting despite that, after all, I am at work. So, I have established that change is all around us, it is a constant, some of it is minuscule almost unnoticed and easy, some can be aggravating, some can be educational and provides a learning curve and some is even exciting. What I have not touched on yet is that change can be shocking, leaving one really and truly gobsmacked. This type of change happened to me late in the day, Thursday, October 19th. Anne, Debbie, and I were at the office and Anne mentioned the 2018 Budget and that with that in mind we should consider the document she then passed us. I certainly did not expect what I got! It was her letter of resignation. The letter indicated her intention to retire from the OGWA Office Manager’s position as of the end of the year. Gobsmacked just does not effectively describe the shock. I was speechless and as most of you know, that is rare. Once I was able to compose my thoughts I realized that this was what Anne wanted, this was good for Anne, this was her pursuing the next chapter in her life, but still, wow! To quote one of my dear friend’s phrases in such situations “holy bat burgers!”. The OGWA office without Anne Gammage does not jive; the two do not go together. I joined the Board of Directors in the last year of Terry Marquardt’s Presidency, 2002. Anne came to be part of the OGWA family in 2002, that’s 15 years of the thick and thin, the ups and downs, the calms and chaos. Debbie has laughed at us more than once in the office saying we are like a sister and brother, certainly more than mere colleagues. Anne and I, of course, have talked about eventual retirement or not. We have laughed about having computers mounted to our wheel chairs and the OGWA’s office address being “care of Shady Acres”. Here is our reality now though, folks; I must replace my right hand – change, eh? I hope you will all join me in wishing Anne the very, very best in this new chapter in her life. As she and I discussed earlier today the big winner is her husband Phil, he will finally get “his Annie back.” Happy trails to you both. By way of catching you up on news; to the best of my knowledge the process on Ont. Reg. 903 is on track and the final changes to the legislation will be announced in the spring. Natalie Spina and Warren Lusk of the MOECC will be joining us at all the OGWA Regional Training Meetings again this cycle, and this year including Thunder Bay on February 27th. If you attend the Thunder Bay Regional Meeting this is a great chance to meet with Natalie and Warren. The first meeting is in Walkerton on December 12th and the second is on January 9th in Springfield. The complete schedule is printed elsewhere here in the Source. Due to scheduling issues, the final meeting will be held March 23rd in Kanata in conjunction with our Convention and Annual General Meeting, therefore, the dates and locations are somewhat different than previous years. We anticipate a larger enrolment than average as it is the end of the three-year cycle for those licenced in the first year. Check the schedule and register early as some locations may fill up fast. Remember, you can register and pay on our website. The 2nd Hauled Sewage Policy and Program Review Working Group Meeting being conducted by the Strategic Analysis Section of the Land and Water Policy Branch of the MOECC is scheduled for the end of November. Any of you interested in this review are welcome to contact me for an update. I attended the Canadian Institute of Public Health Inspectors Conference again this October. The OGWA had an exhibit and continued our mission to remind Public Health Inspectors that wells should be brought up to code; treatment is a band-aid. We have a pamphlet available to any of you who feel your local health unit might benefit from a reminder that a well that is up to provincial code produces bacteria free water and mechanical disinfection requires power and can fail. It is also an excellent tool for real estate agents who tend to recommend the band-aids. The vendors, purchasers, and agents alike rarely understand the liabilities of wells not meeting code. As we move into this next phase at the OGWA office, I promise you we will do our best to make it as seamless as possible. Having said that I am sure there will be bumps, and I ask that you bear with us and don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any concerns that may come up. I wish you all a happy, healthy, prosperous Holiday Season and New Year! Craig Stainton Page 6 [ FALL/WINTER 2017 ] The Source