Code of Ethics

The Ontario Ground Water Association is dedicated to promoting the highest principles of honesty, integrity,fair dealing and professionalism in the ground water construction and drilling industry. It is equally dedicated to preserving the consumers right to quality workmanship and safe potable groundwater. This Code of Ethics and Conduct sets forth standards for industry members in their dealings with their customers, among themselves, with members of related industries and with the general public.

General Obligations
Ontario Ground Water Association members shall conduct themselves as informed, law abiding citizens. They shall be informed of and adhere to those federal, provincial and local laws, statutes,ordinances, codes and regulations applicable to the ground water construction and drilling industry and to their businesses such as those dealing with restraint of trade, consumer protection, truth in advertising, truth in lending and selling.

Obligations to the Public
Industry members shall dedicate themselves to sound and competitive business practices. Specifically, they shall strive to:

  1. Compete lawfully and honestly.
  2. Build their businesses on the merits of their own products,services and abilities and not falsely disparage the products,services or abilities of competitors, ground water contractors, well drillers or others.
  3. Accurately represent the characteristics, effects and details of the groundwater supply source.
  4. Accurately represent the products and/or services that you provide to your clients and the general public.
  5. Accurately represent your credentials, training, experience and abilities and those of your employees, sub-contractors and agents.
  6. Base product performance, benefit or other promotional claims either verbal or written on factual data obtained from tests conducted by personnel technically competent to conduct such tests following scientifically valid test procedures or on data that are published, in existence, and available at the time such claims are made.
  7. Avoid the omission of material facts in promoting their products or services if the effect would be to mislead or misrepresent the purchaser or user.

Obligations to the Customer
Ontario Ground Water Association members shall serve their customers competently, honestly and promptly. Specifically, they shall strive to:

  1. Be open and honest in their dealing with their customers and potential customers.
  2. Factually represent their products and services offered to their customers.
  3. Ensure that the products or services offered are appropriate, properly applied and properly installed.
  4. Respond promptly to customer complaints.
  5. Provide service in a competent manner and within the time promised to the client.
  6. Inform their customers of the maintenance and service requirements, related costs, and the consequences of not completing the service and maintenance.
  7. Honour contracts and warranties without undue delay.

Obligations to Professionalism
Ontario Ground Water Association members shall maintain and advance their knowledge and skills in the technologies utilized in the ground water construction and drilling industry. Specifically, they shall strive to:

  1. Ensure that their employees and agents, through continuing education, have a practical and up to date knowledge of the use and capabilities of the products and the services they provide.
  2. Improve their own professional expertise by continuing education related to advances in science and industry knowledge.
  3. Adhere to and promote the business ethics embodied in this Code.

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About our Members

All trades members of the Ontario Ground Water Association are fully licenced and insured under the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Regulation 903.  It is illegal to work on and seek remuneration for working on water wells or pumping systems for water wells in the Province of Ontario without a Well Contractors Licence for the company and Well Technicians Licence for the individual.