The Ontario Ground Water Association has many opportunities for member engagement through it's committees that help guide the associations work. For more information about any of the committees or if you are interested in joining one, please contact the OGWA Administration

Convention Committee

Chaired by: Kyle Smith

  • Organize, locations, pricing & sponsorships
  • Organize meals & activities: educational, professional, children, spouses
  • Work/coordinate with the other committees as required

Charity Golf Tournament Committee

Chaired by: Kyle Smith

  • Organize, locations, pricing & sponsorships
  • Work/coordinate with the other committees as required

Membership Committee

Chaired by: Steve Bleizeffer

  • Member recruitment/retention
  • Member benefits
  • Member code of conduct/enforcement
  • Vetting potential new members

Executive Committee

Chaired by: Dwyane Graff

  • Streamline internal processes / tasks 
  • Staff position descriptions/support/performance reviews

Finance Committee

Chaired by: Steve Bleizeffer

  • Create annual budget
  • Review financials monthly and monitor expenditures

Bylaws Committee

Chaired by: Matt Wilson

  • Review, update & maintain the bylaws
  • Recommend edits, adjustments or changes to the Board of Directors
  • Present changes approved by the Board to the Members 

Nominations Committee

Chaired by: Bruce Hietkamp

  • Organize and obtain nominations and obtain commitment agreements for all nominees 

Education Committee

Chaired by: Kyle Smith

  • Research and present reports to the Board on Regional meeting sites / Continuing education course subjects - obtain Ministry Approvals required
  • Suggest and organize Technical sessions, Guest speakers, for events
  • Suggest and provide Source articles

Communications Committee

Chaired by: Kyle Smith

  • Web site, Social media, White papers

Outreach/Advocacy Committee

Chaired by: Boyd Pendleton

  • Government
  • Academia
  • Public
  • Other associations/boards

Awards Committee

Chaired by: Bryan Watson

  • Student awards
  • AGM awards
  • Honorary memberships

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About our Members

All trades members of the Ontario Ground Water Association are fully licenced and insured under the Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MECP) Regulation 903.  It is illegal to work on and seek remuneration for working on water wells or pumping systems for water wells in the Province of Ontario without a Well Contractors Licence for the company and Well Technicians Licence for the individual.